Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Revisiting the Red Howlers

Some time ago, I began fluff for my Khorne Slaughtercult. Lately, with new releases from GW (Cyclopia Cabal) and other projects I've been working on (including rebasing models and getting more Flesh Hounds), I thought it was time for an update. So here it is... 

The Red Howlers a fallen Space Wolves successor chapter and aspiring Slaughtercult of Khorne, under the tribal-minded and exacting Great Wolf, Svane Vulfbad. The Legion is entirely dedicated to the worship of Khorne, but members retain their stylized iconography and rank markings from their Space Wolf roots. Still seeing themselves in some way as a successor chapter, as well as a marked improvement over the staunch limits of the Imperium, their ancient roots show in the designations used for various units in the army. Each squad is referred to by a number and their squad type, e.g. Sixth Hammers, First Troll Hammers, and Third Bryn Hammers.

SVANE VULFBAD, Great Wolf of the Red Howlers Legion – called “The Legion Master”
Model: Logan Grimnar with added on Chaos bits
Counts as: Chaos Lord of Khorne in Terminator armor

HÜN REISEN, Second Wolf of the Red Howlers Legion – called “The Stier”
Model: Kit-bashed space marine on Juggernaut
Counts as: Chaos Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut

HECTOR KHORNESON, Blood Priest of the Hämmeren – called “The Boastful”
Model: Kit-bashed space marine on foot
Counts as: Dark Apostle of Khorne on Foot

TÝR TIWAZ, Blood Lord of the Fjord Hämmeren – called “The One-Handed”
Model: Kit-bashed Chaos biker
Counts as: Chaos Lord of Khorne on Bike

HÂDES BOADICEAN, Blood Lord of the Valkyrja – called “The Blood Eagle”
Model: Valkyrja kit-bash
Counts as: Chaos Lord of Khorne with Jump Pack

THRALL EALDFÆDER, Fell Priest of the Red Howlers Legion – called “The Slave”
Model: Terminator Sorcerer plastic kit/Wolf Guard bits
Counts as: Chaos Sorcerer in Terminator Armor

Model: Chaos Bikers/Wolf Guard mash-up
Counts as: Cyclopia Cabal

DIE HÄMMAREN – Legionnaires of the Red Howlers 
Models: Khorne Berzerker/Wolf Guard mash-up
Count as: Chaos Space Marines, Chosen, or Khorne Berzerkers (as needed)

DIE TROLL HÄMMAREN – Terminators of the Red Howlers 
Models: Chaos Terminators/Wolf Guard Terminator mash-up
Count as: Chaos Terminators

DIE BRYN HÄMMAREN – Heavy Support Legionnaires of the Red Howlers 
Models: Khorne Berzerkers/Long Fang mash-up
Count as: Havocs; Marines or Chosen Special Weapons (as needed)

DIE FJORD HÄMMAREN – Mechanized Legionnaires of the Red Howlers 
Models: Chaos Bikers/Wolf Guard mash-up, other vehicles
Count as: Chaos Bikers, Rhinos, Land Raiders, etc. (what you see…)

DIE VALKYRJA – Aerial Assault Legionnaires of the Red Howlers 
Models: Sanguinary Guard/Wolf Guard/Berserker/Scourges mash-up
Count as: Raptors

DIE ÆSIR HÄMMAREN – Helbrute Legionnaires of the Red Howlers 
Models: Helbrutes with Space Wolf bits
Count as: Helbrutes

In addition, Svane has secured the allegiance of a Herald of Khorne, known as the Dervish, itself in service to a Bloodthirster of the Sixth Host, known to the Red Howlers only as Jormungandr (the Midgard Serpent). This creature’s forces lend aid from beyond the Warp and sends loyal cultists to serve as fodder. This aid takes the form of “die Gängeren,” numerous Daemons of Khorne which enter the fray in a support role for the Red Howlers. This force includes Bloodcrushers, Skull Cannons, scores of Fleshhounds (possessed wolves from the Red Howlers’ own kennels), and hundreds of Bloodletters and Furies, as well as dozens of Daemon-fueled mechanized vehicles. Further, the infernal lord has granted power to some of Svane’s chosen warriors, resulting in unique Possessed and Spawn.

THE DERVISH – Herald to the Red Howlers Slaughtercult
Model: Herald of Khorne
Count as: Herald of Khorne

SURT, Daemon Prince – called “The Black Wolf”
Model: Forgeworld Daemon Prince of Khorne
Counts as: Daemon Prince of Khorne

DIE DRAUGAR – Blessed Legionnaires of the Red Howlers 
Models: Khorne Wrathmongers and Warp Talons
Count as: Possessed and Warp Talons

FENRISIAN DAEMON WARGS – Blessed Wolves of the Red Howlers 
Models: Vampire Count Dire Wolves
Count as: Flesh Hounds of Khorne

HÜN’S STIEREN – Gifts of Khorne
Models: Beastmen Minotaurs with Wrathmonger bits
Count as: Chaos Spawn

DIE JÖTUNNS – Gifts of Khorne
Models: Soul Grinders and Maulerfiends
Count as: Soul Grinders and Maulerfiends

DIE GÄNGEREN – Daemons of Khorne
Models: Khorne daemons
Counts as: Khorne daemons

DIE THRALLEN – Cultists of the Red Howlers 
Models: Chaos Cultists
Count as: Chaos Cultists