Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Court of Titan: Five Codices for One Army

To play my Imperium army for 40k, I realize I need FIVE codices! Below is the fluff bit I've written explaining how the five work together into one force, under the auspices of an Inquisitor that's technically dead in the cannon. It involves a lot of heresy, but I love the rationale. Enjoy!

*     *     *     *     *

Radical Inquisitor, Thaddeus Hakk, sworn to preserve the legacy of the Soul Drinkers Space Marines Chapter, has undertaken a perilous gamble in the riddance of the daemonic and corrupt from within the creviced and labyrinthine halls of the Imperium’s sweeping institutions. Chief among the tasks of this impossible mission is the recognition and elimination of the forces of the powerful daemonic prince, Abraxes, ancient foe and manipulator of the Soul Drinkers.

To this end, over the many years since his fall from grace, Inquisitor Thaddeus has successfully negotiated tentative alliances with Brother Captain Bercilak de Hautdesert, of the Grey Knights of the Eight Brotherhood, found one set of sympathetic ears in the Officio Assassinorum, recruited members of the Faceless, a death cult of the Imperium, and allied with a Company of Freeblade Imperial Knights, claiming alternately to be either led or inspired by the Madrigal, the Night’s Watchman, last of the Defenders of Stygia. Thaddeus has recruited from the disenfranchised of the Imperium, finding Scions and Acolytes in the backwaters of the outer rim and been joined by Crusaders and Priests sworn to purge the unclean from the galaxy.

But perhaps the most significant miracle of his risk-filled tenure is the clandestine preservation of the purified gene seed of the Soul Drinkers. With help of a small cadre of survivors from Imperial exterminatus, Thaddeus has reconstituted the free-thinking Soul Drinkers. Following their own peculiar heresy, the new Chapter Master has seen to the raising and training of a new generation of these stoic yet passionate warriors. Numbering but a single battle company in strength, these new Soul Drinkers fight to restore the honor of their fallen Chapter and claim their place in a new Imperium, truly loyal and pure in the will of the Emperor.

Known collectively as “The Court of Titan,” Thaddeus acts as judge and manipulates his allies towards judgment of the impure, whether daemonic or human, in an impossible mission to reverse the dishonor of his past actions and fulfill his promises to an executed ally.

*     *     *     *     *

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Experiments in Blooding for the Blood God, Skulling for the Skull Throne

Ok, it's been a while. About three months. But I'm back with a new army build. Been doing some painting over at my Instagram account and posting routinely on this great Facebook group called 1HourANight. Check them both out! Both venues have been a big motivator for this slow-ass painter.

Anyway, here's my last army build - with a twist. I've been trying to think more tactically when I build armies and put them on the board. And I've been trying to pre-plan this step more overtly and decide ahead of time what characters join which units, which units will DS, and what role each unit will play in the game. Rather than just push my minis across the board and throw a bunch of dice (which admittedly works out pretty well for me), I'm trying to push to the next tactical level here.

The standard point level against my usual opponent has moved to 3000pts. No real limit other than that. Not sure which of his armies he'll throw at me, but it's a toss up between Space Wolves and Tau. Maybe Space Marines. But that's it. Anyway, I don't usually concern myself with that, since it feels cheaty - I want to build lists that can take on a range of opponents. Anyway, enough babbling...


Khorne Daemonkin Combined Arms Detachment #1

Chaos Lord w/ Goredrinker, Lightning Claw, Juggernaut, and Sigil of Corruption
Chaos Lord w/ Bike, Kor'lath Axe of Ruin, Lightning Claw, and Sigil of Corruption

20 Bloodletters w/ Banner of Blood
10 Chaos Space Marines w/ Boltguns, two Meltaguns, and a Rhino and Chainaxe Champion

8 Terminators w/ Combi-meltas; 5 w/ Power Swords, 3 w/ Chainfists

Khorne Daemonkin Combined Arms Detachment #2

Herald w/ Exalted Locus of Wrath
Herald w/ Greater Locus of Fury

18 Bloodletters w/ Bloodreaper
18 Bloodletters w/ Bloodreaper

Soul Grinder w/ Phlegm Bombardment
Soul Grinder w/ Phlegm Bombardment

Khorne Daemonkin Formation Gorepack

8 Chaos Bikers w/ two Meltaguns and Powerfist Champion
8 Chaos Bikers w/ two Meltaguns and Powerfist Champion

10 Flesh Hounds
10 Flesh Hounds
10 Flesh Hounds


The Juggerlord joins a unit of Flesh Hounds, being a hard target and looking to rack up easy early game kills. The Biker Lord joins a unit of Bikes, and charges in, forcing my opponent to tempt fate with the Axe. The Exalted Herald joins the Terminator unit to convey Hatred. The Greater Herald joins the 20 man blob of Bloodletters with Banner, conveying Rage. 

The bikes and CSMs will be objective grabbers out the gate. The Flesh Hounds will screen the bikes and serve as a bus for the Juggerlord. Soul Grinders are for support and cracking hard targets. Terminators are my anti-armor and will start in DS reserve. The Bloodletters are opportunity hunters and backfield threat and will start in DS reserve as well. 

Counting on Turn 2 to be my big DS turn, I'll pick up army-wide FNP. Turn 3, I'll go for the extra attack. Turn 4 and beyond will likely be summoning as needed. Skull Cannons have been a big boon in this regard. Maybe not worth it in points, but for free they're hard to beat. 

I know a lot of people champion the MSU approach for KDK, but in my experience, it's too easy for my opponent to blunt the effectiveness of a unit that way and I've often found myself wishing for a couple more wounds to help the unit get where they're going. Especially on bikes. And mobs of Bloodletters scare my opponent, so there's that. 

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Khorne Escalation League Experiences - Week One

Three weeks ago, I began playing in a 40k Escalation League at one of my LGSs. It's a nice sized group with a lot of great people; no real power gamers, just a bunch of guys trying to learn a new army or play against new people. Many newer players involved, and I consider myself to be one. So I thought I would share my lists thus, as well as my experiences. The League starts out at 750pts and adds 100pts per week, until the end when we reach 1250pts. You can change lists between weeks, but not your overall army. One CAD, no allies or formations. Kind of limiting for Khorne Daemonkin, since we love our formations, but it's a good challenge. So here goes...

Week One - 750pts

Svane Vulfbad, Great Wolf & Legion Master of the Blood Wolves
Chaos Lord, Terminator Armor, Combi-melta, Goredrinker, Sigil of Corruption

Blood Guard Terminators
Champion with Power Sword and Combi-melta
Terminator with Power Sword and Combi-bolter
Terminator with Chainfist and Combi-bolter
Terminator with Chainfist and Combi-bolter

Fifth Hammers
10 Chaos Space Marines with CCWs
Powefist for the Aspiring Champion
2 Flamers

Sixth Hammers
10 Chaos Space Marines with Boltguns
Chainaxe and Melta-bombs for the Aspiring Champion
2 Plasma Guns

I wanted to forge a bit of personal narrative with this army, focusing on mortals first and adding daemons slowly as the army grew. I also used this as an excuse for basing, priming, and starting to paint my models. So far, I've just based and primed.

My first game was against the league organizer's Blood Angels. It was a brutal fight, swinging back and forth. We nearly tabled each other. In the end, I managed to make a strong showing but lost on objective points.

My second game was against a Dark Eldar player. This time I was worried. All those skimmers and AP2 weapons on the board. My Terminators were the MVPs though, DSing in and laying waste to a lot of those vehicles. In the end, he had many more points than me and I almost snuck in the victory by tabling his forces. Came very close, but his last Venom was able to evade my forces long enough for the game to end.

Overall, very happy with this list, but it's slow. Needed a little something more to go with it... next post, Week Two...

Friday, May 8, 2015

Svane's Daemonkin Surpise CAD

Keeping with a narrative bent, I've decided that my first 2000pt Khorne Daemonkin army will be something of a standard build - a combined-arms detachment - to reflect how the warband is first falling to the power of the Blood God. They are devotees of Khorne to be sure, but something's not quite right with their Fenrisian Wolves. Time will turn these mortal berzerkers into something... more...

Svane Vulfbad, Great Wolf & Legion Master of the Blood Wolves
Chaos Lord, Terminator Armour, Combi-melta, Kor'lath the Axe of Ruin

Blood Guard Terminators of the Great Wolf
Terminator Champion with Power Sword and Combi-melta
Terminator with Power Sword and Combi-melta
Terminator with Chainfist and Combi-bolter
Terminator with a Pair of Lightning Claws
Chaos Land Raider

The First Hammers
Berzerker Champion with Powerfist and Bolt Pistol
Berzerker with CCW and Plasma Pistol
6 Berzerkers with CCW and Bolt Pistol
Chaos Rhino

The Second Hammers
Berzerker Champion with Lightning Claw and Bolt Pistol
Berzerker with CCW and Plasma Pistol
Berzerker with CCW, Bolt Pistol, and Icon of Wrath
5 Berzerkers with CCW and Bolt Pistol
Chaos Rhino

The Third Hammers
Berzerker Champion with Chain Axe, Bolt Pistol, and Melta Bombs
Berzerker with CCW and Plasma Pistol
6 Berzerkers with CCW and Bolt Pistol
Chaos Rhino

The Fourth Hammers
Berzerker Champion with CCW, Bolt Pistol, and Melta Bombs
Berzerker with CCW and Plasma Pistol
6 Berzerkers with CCW and Bolt Pistol
Chaos Rhino

Fenrisian Daemon Wargs
10 Flesh Hounds

Fenrisian Daemon Wargs
10 Flesh Hounds

Der Jotunn
1 Soul Grinder with Baleful Torrent and Warpsword

I'll pull these together for a photo later on... I need to base these and start painting!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

My Return from the Eye...

It's been over a year since I've written any on this blog and I thought it is high time. You may notice some visual changes. While I will always love my Grey Knights, there's something entertaining about going over to the other team and collecting both sides of the equation. My love of Dark Elves morphed into a High Elves army, which was eventually rewarded with a combined army in the End Times, something I had already been working on in my personal army narratives (though, of course, not sure how long it'll last with 9th edition rumors swirling). My love of Khorne since first being reminded of his glorious existence has likewise been rewarded in the form of the new Daemonkin codex. But more about that in a minute.

This all said, I really love designing my army from a narrative perspective. I come to 40k from over 30 years of tabletop, pencil-and-paper role-playing. Beginning with D&D, then Gamma World, Star Frontiers, Top Secret, Boot Hill... on to TMNT and Rifts... and eventually nearly 20 years of the original World of Darkness. And the vast majority of these years was as the DM, GM, or Story-teller (or whatever local label was given to the guy that "forged the narrative"). 

My sojourn into tabletop minis was rocky. Suffice it to say, I didn't start with GW games. I was part of the fanboi base that HATED on GW. Until it was explained to me that I could create my own heroes and lords (and later HQs). That got me looking at things differently. But all this is a story for another day. 

My point is that one fine afternoon, as I was searching the internet for ideas for my Khorne army, I stumbled onto an image. Here it is below:

I can't tell you who painted this bad boy. Or kit-bashed him for that matter. But whomever they are, please take this as a form of flattery. You work lives on in someone else's blog feed!

Regardless, this gentleman is named "Svane Wulfbad". He exists in the GW 40k fluffiverse. As a footnote really, but he's there (my buddy swears there's a Space Wolf book out there with his story somewhere, but he can't find it). Beyond a few paragraphs from an older White Dwarf, quoted on the 40k Wiki, I couldn't find a thing about him. And that intrigued the hell outta me!

So I began to plan. This was about four months ago or so. Well before rumors began to swirl on the Khorne Daemonkin book. Didn't know such a thing was in the works. Needless to say, I was stoked when it suddenly appeared on my radar. 

I had always loved Space Wolves. Always loved Viking lore. But also appreciated the Chaotic bent these Norse knock-offs had in Warhammer Fantasy. It led me to form my own traitor Legion as I began to think about models. The Blood Wolves were born. 

This journey challenged my kit-bashing and "counts as" creativity. Forced me into new and different character development ideas. Forced me, for a time, to figure out how to get a psychic phase into my list without violating the spirit of my army theme. Now it's thankfully a moot point, but I still have the option, especially if they ever redo the CSM Codex and I want to try it out again. Borrowed from my Daemons Fantasy army heavily, that was also Khorne-centric, and started re-basing them all for 40k. Really, I guess looking back, this all started from having too many Fantasy armies and feeling a second 40k army was really in order. 

This process also had me revisiting my metal roots in a major way, delving into a ton of power and viking metal bands with both feet. Even generated a viking metal playlist on YouTube. You'll see some inspiration in my cast of characters... Let's just say, I went all out. 

So, without further ado, I'd like to drop my army theme/background here for you... I hope you enjoy it as much as I have making it. Later, I'll begin posting models and army lists. I hope to really delve into this blog again. 


The Blood Wolves are a Chaos Space Marine Legion and aspiring Slaughtercult of Khorne, under the tribal-minded and exacting Great Wolf, Svane Vulfbad. The Legion is entirely dedicated to the worship of Khorne, but members retain their stylized iconography and rank markings from their Space Wolf Loyalist roots. Seeing themselves in some way a successor chapter, as well as a marked improvement over the staunch limits of the Imperium, their ancient roots show in the designations used for various units in the army.

SVANE VULFBAD, Great Wolf of the Blood Wolves Legion – called “The Legion Master”
Model: Logan Grimnar with added on Chaos bits
Counts as: Chaos Lord of Khorne in Terminator armor

HÜN REISEN, Second Wolf of the Blood Wolves Legion – called “The Stier”
Model: Kit-bashed space marine on Juggernaut
Counts as: Chaos Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut

HECTOR KHORNESON, Blood Lord of the Hämmeren – called “The Boastful”
Model: Kit-bashed space marine on foot
Counts as: Chaos Lord of Khorne on Foot

TÝR TIWAZ, Blood Lord of the Fjord Hämmeren – called “The One-Handed”
Model: Kit-bashed Chaos biker
Counts as: Chaos Lord of Khorne on Bike

HÂDES BOADICEAN, Blood Lord of the Valkyrja – called “The Blood Eagle”
Model: Valkyrja kit-bash
Counts as: Chaos Lord of Khorne with Jump Pack

THRALL EALDFÆDER, Fell Priest of the Blood Wolves Legion – called “The Slave”
Model: Terminator Sorcerer plastic kit/Wolf Guard bits
Counts as: Chaos Sorcerer of Tzeentch in Terminator Armor
DIE HÄMMAREN – Legionnaires of the Blood Wolves
Models: Khorne Berzerker/Wolf Guard mash-up
Count as: Chaos Space Marines, Chosen, or Khorne Berzerkers (as needed)

DIE TROLL HÄMMAREN – Terminators of the Blood Wolves
Models: Chaos Terminators/Wolf Guard Terminator mash-up
Count as: Chaos Terminators

DIE BRYN HÄMMAREN – Heavy Support Legionnaires of the Blood Wolves
Models: Khorne Berzerkers/Long Fang mash-up
Count as: Havocs; Marines or Chosen Special Weapons (as needed)

DIE FJORD HÄMMAREN – Mechanized Legionnaires of the Blood Wolves
Models: Chaos Bikers/Wolf Guard mash-up, other vehicles
Count as: Chaos Bikers, Rhinos, Land Raiders, etc. (what you see…)

DIE VALKYRJA – Aerial Assault Legionnaires of the Blood Wolves
Models: Sanguinary Guard/Wolf Guard/Berserker/Scourges mash-up
Count as: Raptors

DIE ÆSIR HÄMMAREN – Helbrute Legionnaires of the Blood Wolves
Models: Helbrutes with Space Wolf bits
Count as: Helbrutes

DIE THRALLEN – Cultists of the Blood Wolves
Models: Chaos Cultists
Count as: Chaos Cultists

In addition, Svane has secured the allegiance of a Herald of Khorne, known as the Dervish, itself in service to a Bloodthirster of the Sixth Host, known to the Blood Wolves only as Ragnarök. This creature’s forces lend aid from beyond the Warp. This aid takes the form of “die Gängeren,” numerous Daemons of Khorne which enter the fray in a support role for the Blood Wolves. This force includes Bloodcrushers, Skull Cannons, scores of Fleshhounds (possessed wolves from the Blood Wolves’ own stables), and hundreds of Bloodletters and Furies, as well as dozens of Daemon-fueled mechanized vehicles. Further, the infernal lord has granted power to some of Svane’s chosen warriors, resulting in unique Possessed and Spawn. Two Tzeentchian Heralds are, like the Slave, bound to Khornate masters through various pacts and agreements. These sorcerous beings lend the Dervish support in its dealings with the Blood Wolves.

THE DERVISH – Herald to the Blood Wolves Slaughtercult
Model: Herald of Khorne
Count as: Herald of Khorne

ULIYANA – Avatar of Khorne, called “The Darkchylde”
Model: Kit-bashed Dark Elf Witch Elf with Bloodletter bits
Count as: Herald of Khorne

SURT, Daemon Prince – called “The Black Wolf”
Model: Daemon Prince kit, kitbash Black Mace
Counts as: Daemon Prince of Khorne
DIE DRAUGAR – Blessed Legionnaires of the Blood Wolves
Models: Khorne Wrathmongers and Warp Talons
Count as: Possessed and Warp Talons

FENRISIAN DAEMON WARGS – Blessed Wolves of the Blood Wolves
Models: Vampire Count Dire Wolves
Count as: Flesh Hounds of Khorne

HÜN’S STIEREN – Gifts of Khorne
Models: Beastmen Minotaurs with Wrathmonger bits
Count as: Chaos Spawn

DER DRAK – Gift of Khorne
Model: Heldrake
Counts as: Heldrake

DIE JÖTUNNS – Gifts of Khorne
Models: Soul Grinders and Maulerfiends
Count as: Soul Grinders and Maulerfiends

DIE GÄNGEREN – Daemons of Khorne
Models: Khorne daemons
Counts as: Khorne daemons


Next time, I'll share my first Daemonkin list, a basic CAD affair, but something fun to start with - my painting goal for the year. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Khorne's Big Bubble of Hate

Shamelessly stolen from 1d4Chan's discussion of Chaos Daemons, though modified with some of my own thoughts, I really want to try this out as my first army list for Chaos Daemons. I own a good deal of this stuff already, but need to pick up a few more pieces. Here's the list and tactics, recorded here for posterity.

Bubble of Hate Experiment

Daemon Prince of Khorne (240pts)
                Daemonic Flight, Warp-forged Armour, Greater Reward

Herald of Khorne (185pts)
                Blood Throne, Exalted Locus of Wrath, Exalted Reward

Herald of Tzeentch (120pts)
                Disc of Tzeentch, Psyker Level 3

Herald of Tzeentch (120pts)
                Disc of Tzeentch, Psyker Level 3

18 Bloodletters of Khorne (205pts)
                Bloodreaper, Icon of Chaos, Instrument of Chaos

18 Bloodletters of Khorne (205pts)
                Bloodreaper, Icon of Chaos, Instrument of Chaos

5 Bloodcrushers of Khorne (250pts)
                Bloodhunter, Icon of Chaos, Instrument of Chaos

10 Chaos Furies of Khorne (85pts)

5 Fleshhounds of Khorne (80pts)

5 Fleshhounds of Khorne (80pts)

Skull Cannon of Khorne (125pts)

Skull Cannon of Khorne (125pts)

Soul Grinder of Khorne (180pts)
                Baleful Torrent, Warpsword

General tactics
Take the Grimoire for the Herald of Khorne. Daemonology for both Heralds of Tzeentch. The Bloodletters, a Cannon, the Grinder, Crushers, and Throne all get put in Deep Strike Reserves. Deploy Prince, Tzeentch Heralds, Furies, the second Cannon, and the Fleshhounds. Keep the backline safe and start going for easy objectives. Heralds start summoning more Daemons, particularly 10 Horrors to get the rolling Daemon machine up and running. Fleshhounds run, hugging cover and get into position for the Bubble.

Deepstrike the Crushers and use their Instrument to bring in the Throne. Herald casts Grimoire on the Crushers, hoping for a good role. Deepstrike in Bloodletter Squad #1 and use their Instrument to bring in the Cannon. Ditto the second Squad with the Grinder. Try to get everyone into the Throne’s Locus bubble and smiling pretty for the camera. Profit!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A long time away...

I've been away from this blog for a long time, though I've occasionally swung by to update this or that. Never to post. Until today. Just a brief one to get me back into the swing of things.

I've decided on a few new rules for my collecting habits, looking at the piles of unassembled miniatures I've accumulated over the last couple of years. The biggest rule: build what you have before buying more.

But it's more complicated that than - what to build will be determined by what I plan to play in the near future. Having finished building all my Grey Knights/Inquisition models, I revolved back to my Privateer Press games. A large backlog here, so I'll list them and let you all know what I'm working on...
  1. Warmachine Mercenaries - I have a few models here and I want to finish them up. Currently working on my Galleon that's been sitting in the box for oh... a year or more. Almost done with him.
  2. Hordes Minions - I have two models in this camp and essentially they're part of the first run above. Basically a certain Merc-Minion 'jack marshal and a Bone Swarm for Midas. No biggie!
  3. Warmachine Retribution - this is a larger collection of unassembled plastic and pewter. Time to get cracking! I just want this all done and stored, ready for Mage Hunting delight! 
  4. Warmachine Cygnar - this is a smaller group of some more recent models I've picked up. Nothing too burdensome, and getting them done will put the finishing touches on my PP stuff. 
And that's it for now. By the time I'm done, I'm sure we'll have rotated back to some other game. I've been kicking around the idea of Relic Knights, but honestly, the setting/anime style isn't really my bag. So who knows? I also have to get back to Kinko's (is it even called Kinko's any more?) and laminate the rest of my cards. Something to do on a quiet afternoon one day, I suppose.

Anyway, this is just a brief update - something to tell I'm still alive and kickin'! Hope all is well with everyone in blog land. Adios!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Farstriders of Ghrond Project: The Crew of Raema's Pride

Leaving Ghrond to Conquer the World

Leaving her husband to manage the affairs of Tor Sír, Enlil has taken to the high seas to sow destruction and renew the coffers of House Sirfalas. To assist her, she has assembled an inner sanctum of trusted allies and family members – exercising ancient deals and agreements to recruit the forces necessary from across the Dark Elf world.

Captain of Enlil’s personal galley, (Anath) Raema’s Pride, and commander of her fleet, is her most trusted advisor, Fleetmistress Numia, She-Wolf of the Chaos Sea. Together, these powerful women guide their forces across the known world in search of glory, sowing terror, and plundering the riches of lesser races.

 The Crew of Anath Raema’s Pride and the Farstriders of Ghrond

 ·       Enlil of Sirfalas
High Lady of Tor Sír
Supreme Sorceress

·         Fleetmistress Numia
She-Wolf of the Chaos Sea

·         First Mate Bellinil the Stone-hold
Sister of the She-Wolf
Master and Battle Standard Bearer

·         Mirminel the Black Rose
Death Hag

·         Iseilven of Sirfalas
Daughter of Enlil

·         Duvain of Sirfalas
Niece of Enlil

·         Nostromo the Unseen End
Assassin of the Tor Sír Covenant
·         The Wolf Pack & The Black Shoal
Black Arc Corsairs of Raema’s Pride

·         The Raven Heralds
Dark Riders

·         Khaine’s Roses
Witch Elves of the Tor Sír Covenant

·         Khaine’s Razors
Executioners of the Tor Sír Covenant

·         The Farstriders of Ghrond
Cold One Knights of Tor Sír

·         Militia of Tor Sír
All other units/regular army

·         Kiss of Kurnous

·         Mendrhiel the Cursed
Sister of Enlil, Mother of Duvain
Bloodwrack Medusa

Monday, March 4, 2013

Legion Begins!

Started a painting league for a Facebook group I'm a part of (Michigan Warmachine/Hordes Players) and here are my pledge models for this month, including a test Shredder.

Here's my paint scheme for posterity.

Basecoat GW Mechanicus Standard Grey
Wash GW Carroburg Crimson
Layer on GW Mechanicus Standard Grey
Layer on GW Administratum Grey
Layer on GW Dawnstone
Layer on P3 Frostbite
Black line and blend with GW Nuln Oil
Black out the armor with GW Chaos Black
Highlight armor with GW Eshin Grey
Highlight further with GW Dawnstone
Wash mouth with GW Carrburg Crimson
Pick out teeth with VBC Bonewhite
Highlight teeth with RMS Linen White
Paint base with P3 Bloodstone
Wash heavily with GW Nuln Oil
Dry brush base with P3 Bloodstone

Not sure on a basing scheme yet. Originally was going to go with a layer of snow and tufts of dead grass. Not sure yet what I'm going to do - though I'm leaning on trying the snow - maybe on a test base first.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Circle Constructs Step-by-Step (Ease of Reference)

Long time, no write. How y'all been?

I'm just dropping this all here to get organized. Look for more coming soon.

Missing bits:
  • Wood - Dislike how my woods came out on my other constructs, so I'm using the tutorial from speed-painting the Woldwrath from No Quarter #46.
  • Black cloth - either GW Eshin Grey or P3 Coal Black to make true Blackclads! This will be especially useful on Baldur's robes and Druids.
  • Leathers - Look into the leather tutorials from the back of the Forces of Cygnar book. Use Army Painter Leather Brown as the base + GW Agrax Earthshade (aka Devlan Mud equivalent).